European Heritage Day 2013

Running the worlds longest underwater rail tunnel can be an exciting job. Ever wondered how we do it?

Every year Eurotunnel Le Shuttle takes part in European Heritage Days, and 2013 was the first year both of our terminals took part.

Our UK Terminal opened its doors for the first ever time to give you a sneaky peek at all of the operations behind Eurotunnel Le Shuttle by taking part in the scheme.



Visitors joined us for an exclusive backstage tour of all those, normally, hidden areas. This unique opportunity allowed the general public to see the railway control centre, our maintenance area, as well as our tunnel fleet vehicles.

 Heritage day 2013

European Heritage Days offer the general public, across all 50 European states, the chance to visit sites, buildings and monuments, many of which are not normally open to the public.

If you missed out on this years opportunity to take part in our exclusive tour, keep an eye on our website for details on how to join us for the 2014 European Heritage Day.

 Heritage day 20132

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