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Visit Luxembourg, the Gibraltar of the North, for a truly unique mix of cultures

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Where France and Germany collide

Luxembourg is easily misunderstood. A small country that is nevertheless a financial giant, a weak country that was for centuries one of the most strategically important states on the continent, and a French- and German-speaking country that is defiantly neither French nor German, it's hard to know where you stand with the world's last Grand Duchy. However, this land of contrasts is well worth exploring - and with the quick, cheap and efficient Eurotunnel Le Shuttle just a few hours away, it's never been easier to get there.

Despite its size, Luxembourg has an incredibly diverse artistic and cultural history. The markets, museums and festivals of Luxembourg city are justly famous, whilst the outlying towns that make up the rest of the country blend rustic French charm with hearty Germanic food and the warmth of Luxembourg's many Mediterranean residents. And if you're travelling with kids, the sheer variety of adventure parks, treetop paths and other outdoor pursuits will leave you stunned (and them happily exhausted!). So when you're planning your next annual trip to France, Germany or the Netherlands, head off the beaten path and discover Luxembourg.

Don't Miss

Grand-Ducal Palace

The official residence of Luxembourg's Grand Duke, this gleaming edifice is like something from a fairy story with its golden stone and dozens of towers. However, since it was once the seat of government it's located in Luxembourg city rather than on a remote mountaintop, making it an easy and very worthwhile stop. Die-hard royalists may also want to catch a glimpse of the Grand Duke's day-to-day home, a much more forbidding castle in the town of Colmar-Berg - you'll find it to the north, just 30 minutes from Luxembourg City on the A7. English-language tours of the Grand-Ducal Palace are irregularly available in the summer months; visit the tourist office to book your tickets.

Grand Ducal Palace

Grand Ducal Palace

Bank Museum

A museum dedicated to money may not sound especially interesting, but you'd be surprised - Luxembourg is the most important private banking centre in the Eurozone, and its financial history makes for a fascinating trip. Travel through 150 years of innovation, from gilded strongboxes to laser-guarded vaults; not forgetting the exploits of various bank robbers, guaranteed to please smaller visitors!

1, Place de Metz
L-2954 Luxembourg
Open Mon-Fri, 9-5:30


Most of the towns in Luxembourg have a weekly or fortnightly market, selling everything from groceries to jewellery - however, for the best selection you can stay in the city centre and let the best of Luxembourg come to you. Every second Saturday sees a huge antiques market appear in the centrally located Place d'Armes; you'll find an amazing selection of goods on offer, and if choose to travel home with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle you don't even have to worry about a baggage allowance! Other markets to look out for include the famous Christmas market which fills Luxembourg for the last two weeks of Advent, and the 'Nuetsmaart' or Night Market in the small town of Esch-sur-Sûre, held each year in early July.

Christmas market

Christmas market


The first restaurant in the Benelux countries to earn a Michelin star, this world-renowned Italian restaurant represents the rich contribution of Italian and Portuguese immigrants to Luxembourg. Chef Illario Mosconi specialises in pasta, and although his food isn't cheap it will make for an unforgettable memory. Reservation is essential.

+352 54 69 94
13 Rue Munster
L-2160 Luxembourg
Closed Mondays, Saturday lunchtimes, Sundays

Getting around

If your car is an essential part of your holiday, Luxembourg is an ideal place to visit. You can drive from one end of the country to the other in less than ninety minutes, so no where is ever too far away - and unlike most British visitors, you'll be able to escape the city under your own steam and visit Luxembourg's many unspoilt villages. You could even hop over the border into Belgium, France or Germany for variety!

Vallee de la Petrusse

Vallee de la Petrusse

When heading to the city of Luxembourg itself, you're better to park your car on the outskirts - there's not much parking in the centre, and it's expensive. The Luxembourg City Tourist Office can suggest several circular walks that take in different areas of the city, from the historical centre of Ville Haute to the vibrant Grund district. Alternatively, you can hire a bicycle from one of 400 docking points across the city. The first half-hour is free, with a charge of 1 euro per subsequent hour up to a maximum charge of 5 euros per day - a cheap and healthy way to get around town.

If you'd rather take the weight off, explore Luxembourg with the charming Pétrusse Express toy train. Leaving from the Place de la Constitution, its stately progress around the city takes approximately an hour and includes all the major sights, with audio description in various languages. Tickets that combine a Pétrusse Express pass with one for the 'hop on - hop off' buses, which follow a variety of routes around the city, are available here.

Getting there and around

It seems impossible, but Luxembourg is less than five hours away from the UK by car. Crossing the Channel takes just 35 minutes with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle, and once you're in Calais a four hour drive through France and Belgium will see you arrive safely in the 'Gibraltar of the north'.

Leave Calais by the eastern coast road, and once you reach Dunkirk turn onto the E42 to race through the Pas-de-Calais region and into Belgium. At Namur, the signs for Luxembourg will lead you to a right turning and onto the N4, which will take you straight to your destination. For a slightly more leisurely trip, you could also travel via Brussels and enjoy the delights of two Benelux capitals for the price of one!

However you choose to travel in Europe, Eurotunnel Le Shuttle is always the best way to start your journey.

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